Amazon is developing (or acquiring) technology to… 

Amazon is developing (or acquiring) technology to schedule and track truck shipments.  It seems they want to play in the $150 Billion market for booking transportation.  
BP PLC aims to be able to be profitable with oil at $35 a barrel by 2021 and increase output by 5% each year until 2021 without increasing capital spending beyond the staggering current level of $17 Billion/year.  Could this $35 be BP’s counter prediction to the $70/barrel prediction in last week’s email?
Self driving trucks are getting a lot of press as many see that self driving will be adopted faster in trucking than in cars.  It seems like everybody wants to be on the bandwagon: A Google (now called Alphabet) engineer jumped from self driving cars and started his own self-driving-truck company that Uber just bought for $680 Million.  Their self-driving-truck company, called Otto, was involved in last year’s publicity run delivering Budweiser.