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Welcome to the Future of Supply Chain Optimization

Transportation | Warehouse Optimization is transforming supply chain management into a strategic asset for major players like P&G, Kimberly-Clark, Diageo and Campbell’s. We have a proven, best-in-class optimization roadmap to efficiency, cost savings, and sustainability. And you can rely on our Global Customer Support 24 hours a day. 

Join the Transportation | Warehouse Optimization revolution. Our three-step journey — AutoO2, LevelLoad, and Early Tendering — is more than a path to reduced costs, it’s a commitment to smarter, more sustainable supply chain practices with impressive Scope 3 Emission Reductions.

Learn about Load Building Optimization

For over 30 years Transportation Warehouse Optimization has helped Fortune 500 companies reduce their total supply chain logistics costs.

Established in 1992, Transportation | Warehouse Optimization (T|WO) provides load-building optimization and 3D load diagramming software to cut our customers’ supply chain total costs.

Our Goal isn’t to replace your existing systems, but to enhance them. Our solution integrates with:

​Supply Planning Systems to turn demand into optimized trucks that minimize wasted transportation capacity
ERP to break large orders into multiple truck loads and consolidates customer orders based on delivery window and available inventory
WMS to guide case pickers around the warehouse to create damage-free, well balanced and axle-legal loads

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