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Not just systems geeks, our staff have run warehouses and truck fleets.

Flexible solutions. Guaranteed savings.

Ship Fewer, More Efficient Loads

Our AutoO2 (Automatic Order Optimization) software minimizes supply chain transportation costs by optimizing orders to maximize the loads on all trucks in a way that cannot be achieved manually or with non-optimizing systems.

We Know Your Business

  • First-hand warehousing/logistics experience
  • We know your challenges and opportunities
  • We speak your language

Flexibility to Fit Your Needs

  • We don’t take a one-size-fits all approach
  • We do what it takes to fit your existing software
  • We keep our eye on improving your ROI

A Sustainable Solution

  • More efficient loading and logistics
  • Fewer trucks on the road
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Helping you meet your sustainability goals


“Global Best Practice for Case Picking
and Truck Loading”


Proven Savings Every Step of the Way

  • We’ll review the way your trucks are loaded
  • We’ll show you how much more they can carry
  • We’ll show you how much you can save
  • We’ll help you realize a quick ROI

“Global Best Practice for Load Building”


Flexible Solutions

Our experts will identify the RIGHT way to
reduce freight and labor costs.

Guaranteed Savings

Save 4-8% on your transportation costs.
We do what we say!

Proven Software Solutions

AutoO2 is the only complete solution from order optimization to case picking and truck loading.
“In our role as implementers and innovators, we are always looking for partners with the same focus on innovation and positive outcomes. T|WO is a rare partner that satisfies both of those requirements in spades. They have the knowledge and foresight to bring high value solutions into logistics networks for customers with tremendous demands. T|WO is one of our go-to partners.”

~Mark Fralick, Get us ROI

We’re Dedicated to Customers and Focused on Quality

For over 30 years, we have helped numerous Fortune 500 companies in a variety of industries reduce their total logistics costs.

Proudly Serving Some of the World’s Best Run Companies

Since 1992
Since 2001
Since 2017

“I believe AutoO2 is the global best practice for Load Building.”

~ Brian Stofflet, NA Logistics Director Unilever

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